How to Train a Dog

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Training Principles for Success

Maintain a positive attitude and seek help from a trainer to improve your behavior for successful dog training, as your mood affects your dog's ability to learn.

Provide instant rewards

For effective reinforcement, praise or reward your dog's desired behavior within 2 seconds to ensure they associate it with the action, avoiding rewarding undesired behaviors.

Be consistent

Consistency is key in dog training, as mixed signals from different family members will confuse the dog, and using different terms for the same command will lead to unclear communication and unpredictable response.

Train while hungry

To enhance focus and motivation, reduce your dog's meal size before training, allowing them to crave treats that will incentivize desired actions.

Discourage barking

To discourage barking for attention, ignore the dog until it stops and then reward with praise, avoiding throwing toys or yelling which may reinforce the behavior.

Praise him when he wait

Praise and reward your dog for exhibiting a "good wait" at the door to reinforce the desired behavior.

Keep the fun going

To avoid decreasing the reliability and happiness of a dog's recall, praise them when they arrive and allow them to continue playing, rather than ending every interaction.