6 Tips for Starting a New Career at age 50

Consider the lifestyle you hope to support with a new career at age 50, including work-life balance, stress reduction, and flexibility, when choosing a job that fits your needs.

Determine What You Want to Do

When changing careers, create a list of your transferable skills, highlight them on your resume and cover letter, and emphasize your tech skills to show potential employers that you are adaptable, tech-savvy, and willing to learn.

List Your Skills

Enlisting support from friends and family, and considering a career coach, can help older job seekers navigate the job search and overcome ageism.

Seek Support

To impress potential employers, job seekers over 50 should demonstrate a willingness to learn and update their skills, for example, by taking classes or earning new certifications.

Consider More Education

Rebranding efforts such as updating LinkedIn and including a technology skills section in your resume can help avoid age red flags when seeking a new career.

 Rebrand Yourself

Before committing to a new career after 50, test it out by getting a paid adult internship or a part-time/flexible job in the new field to gain firsthand experience and ensure it's a good fit.

Test the Waters