Why Choose IELTS Over Other Exams: 5 Reasons To Choose IELTS

Why Choose IELTS Over Other Exams

Why Choose IELTS Over Other Exams – In this globalized world, English speaking has become an important skill that every student must have. 

And students who want to migrate to an English speaking country are required to prove their language proficiency. 

To do that there are different exams in the market like PTE, Duolingo, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Out of these exams the IELTS is the most popular English language proficiency test among students to prove their language proficiency. 

The popularity of this exam can be guessed by the official statement of IDP that in 2018, 3.8 million students took the IELTS exam.

Why Choose IELTS Over Other Exams

Here I will give some reasons that will clear your doubts about choosing the best English language proficiency test. 

Widely Accepted

The first and the foremost reason to choose the IELTS exam is its recognition worldwide. More than 11,000 organizations accept the IELTS score as an English language proof for work or study.

There are some tests like Duolingo and PTE that are not accepted by the organizations like the IELTS exam. 

For example PTE is only accepted in Canada for study purposes, you cannot prove your language proficiency with PTE or Duolingo for work or PR purposes.

So the test that is accepted for all purposes worldwide is the IELTS test. 

Fair And Unbiased Test

The IELTS exam does not focus on any specific language, culture, and accent. Every accent or English (both British and American) are accepted in the IELTS exam. 

The questions in the exam are also real-life situation based and created to test the students ability to communicate in English language.

This ensures that students from every country or background have equal chances to show their skills in the English language.

IELTS General Training And IELTS Academic

This exam is available in two different formats IELTS GT and IELTS Academics. By taking the IELTS Academic test you can prove your language proficiency for study purposes and by taking the IELTS GT students can prove their language proficiency for work or PR in all countries.

IELTS Offers A Range Of Preparation Materials

As the IELTS is an old exam so it is quite easy to get IELTS practice books or material for students for this exam. 

It is a very important part that makes an exam popular, because if there is no practice material available for an exam then students hesitate to take that exam.

For example, Duolingo is a new exam and in the market or on the internet there is not much practice material available for this exam. 

Because of this this exam is not popular among students as a proof of language proficiency.

Checked By Human Not By An AI

The most important thing about this exam is that it is checked by the human experts who have a good knowledge of English. 

Also in the IELTS exam there are teachers from every part of the world not from one country or continent.

So every accent is acceptable in the IELTS exam until you are pronouncing a word correctly.

Also, you must have heard sometimes that in the PTE exam sometimes technology does not catch the students’ voice and because of that they do not get any mark for the speaking section and fail to get the desired band score.

But in IELTS this is not the case, so because of this, the majority of students choose IELTS to prove their language proficiency.

These are the top 5 reasons why choose IELTS over other exams.

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