Bixie  Haircuts  6  Trending  Styles  To  Try

Elegant Waves: Achieve a side part with soft waves for a timeless and versatile look that suits various hair lengths.

Sleek Straight Sophistication: Part your hair to the side and keep it sleek and straight for a polished and modern appearance.

Curly Side Sweep: Whether short or long, let your curls flow gracefully to one side, exuding effortless charm.

Low Side Ponytail: Gather your hair to the side for a chic low ponytail that works well with both short and long hair.

Braided Beauty: Incorporate a side part into braided hairstyles, such as a side fishtail or Dutch braid, for an intricate touch.

Asymmetrical Bob: Embrace a stylish asymmetrical bob with a deep side part, adding depth and flair to shorter hair.

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