Eye Exercises for Better Vision


Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes of work to look at something 20 feet away to improve eye health.

1) The 20-20-20 rule 

Reduce eye strain by blinking at a normal rate when focused on screens, and take breaks if dry eyes or headaches occur.

2) Blink break

Cup your palms over your eyes without any pressure for 30 seconds to fade afterimages to black.

3) Palms for relaxation

Do eye exercises by imagining an 8 turned on its side and slowly tracing it with your eyes in both directions.

4) Figure eight

Moving eyes horizontally and vertically without head movement improves eye coordination and control, reduces eye strain and fatigue.

5) Roll your eyes

Thumb exercise for glasses wearers to improve focus and eye coordination by varying distances of focus.

6) Near and far

Shifting exercises involve moving focus from one object to another, improving eye coordination and flexibility, and reducing eye strain and fatigue.

7) Shifting

Zooming exercises involve focusing on an object as it is moved closer to and farther away from the eyes, improving focus and reducing eye strain.

8) Zooming