6 Amazing Rihanna Hairstyles That Will Make You Stand out

Short Pixie Cut: Rihanna has sported various iterations of the pixie cut, showcasing her elegant and edgy sides simultaneously. 

Red Hair: Rihanna made a statement with fiery red hair. The bold color complemented her fearless style and added a pop of vibrancy to her overall appearance.

Long Waves: She has embraced long, flowing waves that exude a sultry and glamorous aura. This look showcases her versatility, going from short to long hair effortlessly.

Undercut: Rihanna has often experimented with edgy undercut hairstyles, adding a dose of rebellion to her image. This look combines short sides with longer hair on top.

Bantu Knots: Rihanna rocked Bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle, at an awards show, sparking conversations about cultural appreciation and diversity in beauty standards.

Faux Locs: She's also embraced faux locs, showcasing a bohemian and laid-back style. Her faux locs have ranged from waist-length to shoulder-length, creating various eye-catching looks.

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